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About Elation Physical Therapy

Proud to Move™

A person smiling after a workout

At Elation Physical Therapy, we believe that every body deserves to move through the world authentically, living fully with comfort and confidence. With this core principle guiding us, we serve people from every corner of our community.

Our comprehensive physical therapy puts an emphasis on healing with heart: addressing both the emotional and physical effects of disability.

We are also leaders in care for the LGBTQ+ community.

Our Story

We see a future free of pain, where every single person moves without limitation.

We help people move. Some come to us to recover a lost level of athleticism or recuperate from an injury. Others, to learn the physicality of a transgender body or to merely remain mobile with age. Whether it’s through your day or through your life experience, everybody wants to move forward.

And that's why we're here.

photo of Crom Rehabilitation
Dr. Roy Rivera

Our Founder

Dr. Roy Rivera, CEO

In 2012, Dr. Rivera founded Crom Rehabilitation to provide the public with an alternative to the many hospital-based physical therapy facilities in Houston.

Unlike the rigid corporate hospital structure, Dr. Rivera's approach to physical therapy is rooted in culture and not only focused on the physical needs of patients but their socio-emotional needs as well.

Patient Testimonials

  • "I hope I don't need other types of physical therapy in the future, but, if I do, I'll come back to Crom"
    Heather T.
    "Dr. Roy Rivera and his therapy staff helped me recover from a dislocated shoulder with great success. "
    Veronica S.
    "I love the environment at Crom! The staff is so friendly and personable, as well as knowledgeable and professional."
    McKenzie W.
  • "I've been to Crom twice now, once for lower back pain and once for knee pain. Both times, the doctors were very knowledgeable and friendly to work with."
    John M.
    "Thank you Crom for helping me feel normal again!"
    Bianca X.
    "I came to Crōm Rehabilitation, after undergoing ACL repair surgery, during the COVID-19 pandemic and it has been an incredible experience."
    Kate W.
  • "Crom is a hidden healthcare gem with quality PT, knowledgeable and cheerful support staff…"
    Emily W.
    "I can't say enough of Crom Rehabilitation."
    Eileen A.
    "Excellent Experience at Crom Rehabilitation!!"
    Shary P.
  • "“If you are looking for a physical rehab center where you will receive excellent care and a truly customized program for your needs, then get yourself to Crom Rehabilitation. I have been a client at several PT facilities over the past few years, and Crom is by far the best. Dr. Roy Rivera was spot-on in his assessment of my needs and developed a program that matched my goals. In addition, the home PT routine he provided is challenging (which it needs to be!) but very manageable and comes with accompanying videos of each exercise. Very helpful! I was made to feel welcome the minute I entered, and all of the staff are very professional, kind and ENCOURAGING. This is the type of environment clients/patients need!”"
    Catherine R.
    “I am glad I found CROM on YELP, cause I really did not want to go to a medical center… CROM has great professionals: Dr Roy was thorough in evaluating the issue and setting up a program for me. I had limited time to improve my situation ( both hips replaced) and here I am only a month later ready for the ski slopes. I also got designed for me “homework” to continue improving balance, range of motion and strength. This guys know how to treat individual situation and can “fix” an elder patient as well as an athlete! Kudos”
    Olga E.
    “I went to Crom for my post-ACL surgery rehab. Roy, Julia, Amanda, and the rest of the staff are fantastic. They were professional, easy to work with, and made my rehabilitation a great experience. I always looked forward to each session. The Crom team worked me and pushed me to do my best and I really enjoyed that. It was never crowded and I always had someone checking on me during each exercise. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs to do any sort of rehab.”
    Sam C.
  • “People normally avoid rehab. I know, I was one of them. If you’ve ever been through physical therapy, you understand it can be boring and repetitive. So when my primary care physician referred me to Crom to work on the back and neck issues I was having, I went but did so begrudgingly. I can, however, now state emphatically, how wrong I was…at least about Crom. Dr. Roy is very professional as is his staff. From the moment you walk in, Andrea is there greeting you with a smile. Julia, Amanda and Gabi all made my hour there, twice a week, fly by because they kept it light and fun. I actually looked forward to physical therapy! Who does that!? Anyway, a big thank you to everyone at Crom. While I don’t wish any injuries on myself, if I do happen to find I need PT again, at least I will have something to look forward to!”
    Scott C.
    “I wish I could give them extra stars - I absolutely love the team at Crōm! I tore my ACL/partially tore my MCL early this year and did "prehab" before surgery and then full on rehab after surgery. My doctor recommended Crōm and was constantly complimenting my progress post-surgery. The Yelp reviews don't lie! I spent many weeks here recovering and I got to know all of them very well. PT isn't exactly fun but it can be when you have an encouraging team behind you. I really couldn't have done it without Dr. Roy, Abbey, Julia and Andrea. I am hoping I won't have any additional injuries for a long time but if I do, I will have no hesitation in knowing who to call.”
    Caroline H.