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Shantay, You Stay:
A Healthcare Provider's Guide To LGBT+ Inclusive Practices

Shantay, You Stay!: A Healthcare Provider's Guide to LGBT+ Inclusive Practices by Dr. Roy  Rivera Jr.

Dr. Rivera's work to create an inclusive and open healthcare environment extends beyond Elation Physical Therapy's mission - in his recent book Shantay, You Stay, Roy details all the ways healthcare providers can make their practices more LGBTQ+ friendly and affirming.

Targeting medical providers across the healthcare spectrum, from diabetic educators to neurosurgeons, the book details health disparities that exist in the LGBTQ+ community and solutions that healthcare providers should consider to bridge the gap.

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On Writing Shantay, You Stay

"After working with communities and patients from all different backgrounds, I noticed a surprising disparity in the LGBTQ+ experience when it came to healthcare. As our cultural and societal understandings of sexuality and identity evolve, we need to adapt our systems of care as well.

In this book, I give a pretty straightforward rundown of practical tips and advice for healthcare providers that want to create a more inclusive, accepting environment in their practices. I break it down in parts, from reception and patient intake all the way to the completion of a patient's episode of care.

Something as simple as acknowledging gender identity and preferred pronouns can translate into a more thorough medical examination and ultimately a better quality of life. There's absolutely no reason that LGBTQ+ individuals should live their lives in pain or disability because they are ashamed or feel unseen."


Research LGBT resources in the community

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Research LGBT resources in the community

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Business Inventory

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LGBT Medical Literature

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LGBT Welcoming Toolkit for Primary Care Practices

LGBT Welcoming Toolkit for Primary Care Practices

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