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Our Commitment

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Elation Physical Therapy provides patients with a clear and direct path to physical rehabilitation and recovery from various orthopedic injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and post-operative conditions. We are different from our competitors in that we lead with a strong DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) approach to nurture a productive and engaging medical culture. This leads to a better experience for both patients and staff, which research shows leads to improved patient outcomes and increased workplace productivity.

The Philosophy of Elation

"By creating an open, honest, and comfortable environment for patients and breaking down the sometimes uncomfortable psychological divide between doctor and patient, we can build a clinic that allows patients to feel a sense of cooperation and active participation in their own recovery. Being progressive and inclusive encourages patients to have an open dialogue about their rehabilitative experience, which allows us, the therapists, to develop a more custom recovery program that focuses on their specific needs – even as they change throughout the course of recovery."

What Patients Can Expect

Elation Physical Therapy is staffed with licensed physical therapist, leading the industry. The teams physical therapy and care philosophy is more than just an ideal – the practical applications are apparent throughout Elation's rehabilitation programming.

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Patient Identity

Physical therapy and healthcare systems that take patient identity into consideration allow for a more diverse, accepting environment.

In turn, this allows patients to be more honest about their physical ailments and healthcare needs, leading to more accurate and effective physical therapy and recovery.

Cooperative Medicine

Working hand in hand with patients to develop a physical therapy routine promotes increased patient compliance.

Elation Physical Therapy strives to develop custom routines tailored to each patient's strengths and weaknesses, supporting a more effective physical therapy plan and eventual recovery.

Adaptive Programming

As patients go through rehabilitation, their capacities for recovery can change.

Elation Physical Therapy is designed to support an evolving therapy routine that accordingly increases or decreases intensity and development.

Honest Care For Patients

Elation Physical Therapy exists to promote independent patient growth and recovery.

Dr. Rivera and the team meet and grow with each patient, working together towards the common goal of finding a positive, healthy recovery and rehabilitative solution for patients in need.

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