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How To Know If Physical Therapy Is Right For You

How To Know If Physical Therapy Is Right For You

Knowing if physical therapy is right for you seems like it should be an easy answer, especially if you have just had surgery as a result of an injury or have recently been in an accident resulting in strains and injury.

If your doctor has recommended physical therapy due to surgery or an injury or a physical therapist has evaluated you and finds that you’re a good candidate for physical therapy and are in need of help to improve your range of motion of endurance, then you should very much consider physical therapy.


Physical Therapy

Pain Management 

Physical Therapy is the most beneficial method to reducing pain. You don’t have to get used to living with pain doing everyday activities or limit yourself because pain rules your life.

With pain management, you are improving your strength and flexibility that will allow you to increase your endurance and functional capacity to do physical activities with ease and comfort. Less pain at the very least. Physical therapy can give you your life back. 

Our therapists at Elation Physical Therapy strive to help you work through your physical limitations and gain the control and strength you need to live a productive and pain free life.

With a careful evaluation, your physical therapist will come up with a comprehensive therapy that will eventually leave you with less pain and more strength and range of motion for the tasks that you might have taken for granted before your injury.

If you are experiencing chronic pain that has gotten worse over time, or simply won’t subside, you are a good candidate for physical therapy.

Living With Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is exhausting and doesn’t just affect your physical self. You are under no obligation to live with chronic pain. Not only is it physically exhausting, it eventually becomes mentally exhausting as well.

Skipping out on family events because all of the physical effort results in pain is an experience many people do have who suffer from chronic pain. They constantly struggle with a limited physical ability to live their regular day to day lives and it can impact mental health as well.

With physical therapy you don’t have to commit to being down for the count for the rest of your life or as long as the injury takes to heal. You do not have to live your life in pain, especially when physical therapy is an available option to your ticket to feeling your best.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Is a Commitment Worth Making

Physical therapists are trained to evaluate and treat limited physical function caused by injury, disability or disease, and then will go on to assist you in regaining your physical function and mobility while promoting physical activity and function.

It is a commitment by you to yourself and your body to get back to “normal”. While physical therapy is hard work, it is worth it. If you do not do the hard work now, it is all but guaranteed that your injury or pain will get worse as you get older.

You may not notice immediately the negative affect on your body that an injury has inflicted until sometimes it has caused more damage and now, you are looking at surgery. Physical therapy is not just a tool for after surgery or injury, it can also be used as a preventive measure. 

If your doctor has told you you are looking at surgery, there is still a chance you can avoid it with strenuous physical therapy and education in the area of focus. Not only will you avoid going “under the knife”, but you can potentially improve your condition leaving you better than you were before your strain or injury. Who doesn’t want to avoid going in for surgery if it can be prevented? 

Physical Therapy As A Preventative Measure

Yes, you can avoid surgery by committing to a physical therapy regimen.

More often than not, surgery is the last option when dealing with an injury or excessive wear and tear on your body. With physical therapy, after a proper and thorough examination by your doctor or therapist, you can strengthen the injured area and become flexible enough that you are able to get back to regular activity without having to have the extra issue of a surgery.

Not only can you avoid surgery, you are also giving yourself and your body natural healing and you’ll know what you can do in the future to avoid injury and surgery while strengthening your body, which is a huge benefit for your health in the future. 

Physical therapy is right for you if you want to live as full and active a life as you possibly can. Watching from the sidelines can be entertaining, but it isn’t necessarily fulfilling. We want you to be able to keep up and participate as long as you possibly can.

The old saying, “Don’t Let Life Pass You By” becomes a rolling dialog in the heads of physical therapy patents and chronic pain patients. It tells you that you can’t join in on the fun.

Pain patients feel physically and mentally, daily. So don’t let life pass you by, make yourself important enough to fix so you can get back to doing what you love. 

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