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5 Important Benefits of LGBTQIA+ Medicine

LGBTQIA+ folks often hesitate to seek the health care they need due to discriminatory practices and negative experiences. Roughly 8% of LGBTQIA+ folks surveyed reported avoiding or postponing needed care because of disrespect or discrimination on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Discrimination and bias have no place in medicine. That’s why our team at Elation Physical Therapy is dedicated to making the practice a safe haven for LGBTQIA+ patients in Houston, Pearland, Cypress, and Katy, Texas. Here, you can feel safe and respected while undergoing personalized physical therapy (PT). 

LGBTQIA+ medicine is our specialty, and we’d like to welcome you to experience it for yourself. Whether your main concerns include back pain, joint pain, or pelvic floor issues, we can develop a personalized care plan to help you build back strength and mobility while managing pain. 

A welcoming environment ultimately benefits everyone — especially LGBTQIA+ folks in need of treatment. In this article, we’ll review five of the most important benefits of LGBTQIA+-friendly medical care. 

1. You may have specific medical needs as an LGBTQIA+ person

It’s important for your providers and/or physical therapists to have an accurate idea of your medical history before they proceed with care. While your sexuality or gender identity may be less relevant in some contexts, there are some unique care concerns, too. 

For example, a physician may not know to recommend a particular screening if they aren’t sure of your background and lifestyle. In PT, transgender individuals who have undergone surgery may benefit from specific types of PT care during their recovery. 

In a nondiscriminatory medical practice like Elation Physical Therapy, you don’t have to hesitate to share and be open about your experiences so you can receive exceptionally personalized care. 

2. You can build a stronger relationship with your provider

Trust is critical between patients and providers. Attending an LGBTQIA+-friendly practice sets you up for a strong long-term bond with your providers. Our providers take the time to learn about LGBTQIA+ issues to ensure you feel respected, listened to, and understood. 

When you trust your provider, you’re more likely to continue getting the care you need and return when other needs arise. 

3. Reduced health disparities and complications

Feeling a sense of discrimination while seeking medical care can dissuade you from seeking medical care at all, causing you to underreport possible medical issues. As a result, you might experience complications from health concerns that have gone unaddressed. 

Additionally, if you have trouble finding a medical practice where you feel safe, you may receive inconsistent care and varying answers from a variety of providers. This can lead to health disparities. 

4. Improved mental health

Although we don’t specialize in mental health, we aim to promote and foster better mental health among our LGBTQIA+ patients. 

Discrimination and disrespect in the medical field can have a major impact on your mental well-being and can exacerbate symptoms of depression and anxiety. By providing a safe space for your PT needs, we aim to minimize the negative mental health effects that can come with seeking medical care as an LGBTQIA+ person. 

5. Increased advocacy

Entire communities can benefit from the availability of LGBTQIA+-friendly care. LGBTQIA+ care increases visibility and acceptance for the greater LGBTQIA+ community. Additionally, our providers and many others are committed to learning about the community’s needs so we can provide the best possible care and resources to our patients. 

If you’re looking for LGBTQIA+ physical therapy in the greater Houston area, call Elation Physical Therapy today. Otherwise, schedule an appointment online using our convenient tool. 

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